Euabalong Red Dirt Round Up

Our famous yearly bush event takes place on the banks of picturesque Lachlan River in Western NSW in Euabalong. Team penning, steer ride and more!

Our famous bush event takes place on the banks of picturesque Lachlan River in Western NSW, in October, in a small town of Euabalong. We have reactivated the event in 2016, after years of absence on a rodeo and entertainment calendar. Due to 2016 floods in our region, sadly, we had to cancel our first and highly anticipated October event but we held the first gymkhana on the 8th of April 2017. It was a very successful day and we were absolutely stunned by the level of community support. After months of nervous planning and preparation, outstanding attendance was a proof it was all worth it. It gave us a great motivation for organising the event every year from then. Now we have also changed the event name to Red Dirt RoundUp.
There are many reasons to come to the next gymkhana:

  • We have free camping at the gymkhana grounds
  • We have great prizes for our competitions
  • We have a couple of amazing local photographers on board so you will have some memorable photographs of you competing. No more nagging your friends to take any pictures of you that will end up blurry anyway!
  • We hold both junior and open events that suit both novice and advanced riders
  • It is not all about horses. We provide plenty of other competitions and fun challenges, as well as kids entertainment
  • We have our local branch of CWA on board so no one leaves the grounds hungry. The ladies from CWA cook amazing barbecue and bring home made sweet treats. Just come for a drive for a famous steak sandwich and you won’t be disappointed.
  • The weather is usually perfect and the sky wide and deep blue – authentic Aussie outback experience
  • We always run attractive raffle
  • A great Saturday out with kids entertainment such as jumping castle, face paint and drawing corner


Euabalong village is also known as a great fishing and camping spot. It also attracts traveling tourists for its free and tidy camping grounds and traditional outback pub (Royal Hotel) at hand. Serenity experienced when staying at the banks of Lachlan River is well regarded and truly memorable.

We run a variety of fun events and challenges for whole families to participate and enjoy watching:

  • Gymkhana games e.g. bounce pony, Flag & Bend, Pole Bending, Key Hole
  • Barrel race
  • Team Penning
  • Steer ride
  • Foot races
  • Chook chase
  • Tug of war
  • Greasy pig (pig chase)
  • Spouse race
  • Hobby horse jumping competition for the youngest kids

We also hold MARKET STALLS with variety of local produce, craft and hand made items


Thank you for a fantastic day, the kids had a ball. Awesome turnout, couldn’t believe the numbers for the open gymkhana events. Looking forward to the next one!!!!! – Angela Norris

The Shearer family would like to thank and congratulate the committee and all the behind the scenes helpers who made the returning Euabalong Gymkhana a huge success. We will definitely be back for the next one  – Kelly Shearer

What a fantastic day yesterday. Well done too everyone involved. Cant wait for the next one – Kathy McKay

Dave Gleeson did such a massive amount of work for the Gymkhana, and I think the day was a fantastic success. Thank you to Dave for the countless hours and materials you personally put in.
The same can be said for Kim Hargrave, busily working and organising everything behind the scenes with Courtney Gleeson. Thank you both so much.
Annette Ohlsen did a great job on the committee and in the office on the day.
So much work is done that has not been seen, and these core people really pulled it all together for us all to enjoy.
What a great day out. – Elly Kemp

Congratulations on a solid effort put in by the committee members to get the old girl up and running again. You should all be very proud!!! Well done!!! – Priscilla Matheson‎