The River Lachlan was and still is our greatest asset. It also leaves bookmarks in locals’ memories as the seasons of droughts and floods alternate through generations. In 1981, the town celebrated its centenary and this lovely poem was authored for the occasion:

l‘d like you all to come back
To the place where I belong
If’s on the Lachlan River
And it’s called Euabalong.
On the Easter Days of ’81
We’ll all be at our best
As we celebrate 100 years
Of living in the west.
There’s lots of peace and quiet
Like a whispering summer breez:
And lot of mother nature
With all our birds and trees.
Wild animals will greet you,
And if you’re lucky too
A rabbit on the streets you’ll see
Or on the road, a kangaroo.
The Lachlan, she flows slowly by
Our town sometimes tends to grow
With one new home or maybe two
In a year or so.
And all our friends who choose to leave
At sometime or other show
Their love for old Euabalong,
And visit for a day or so.
So all you people young or old,
Who lived here with us once,
Come back for. our celebrations,
Not one, but in a bunch.
You’ll find you’ll all be wel come
If you choose to come.
On the Lachlan River,
At the Centenary of Euabalong.