Historic Naradhan Woolshed

The Naradhan Station Woolshed was built in 1888 on “Morwell”, Naradhan and could accommodate up to 30 shearers. When a kerosene powered engine was introduced in approx. 1930, the number of shears accommodated was reduced to 14.

The Historic Naradhan Woolshed is currently a working shearing shed with shearing taking place several times a year and is now owned by Doug & Maria Hart.

Contact Doug Hart 0427 969 834 to organise a tour and a history commentary of the Historic Naradhan Woolshed. The Naradhan Woolshed is located 1km south Naradhan on the Lake Cargelligo – Rankins Springs Road, Naradhan.ck

Hart Boys in action at the Naradhan Woolshed


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