Fishing at the Lake

The inland rivers and lakes in the Heart of NSW provide some of the best fresh water angling in the region.

Fish are important to the region for river health and of indigenous cultural significance. There are a number of sought after species such as the Murray Cod. The Golden and Silver Perch, Redfin and Catfish are also targeted by many catch and release anglers. There is a weir near the eastern entrance to Condobolin, at the southern end of May St. If you go downstream of the weir you will find some fine fishing. Of course most anglers will want to keep one or two fish for the barbeque, so be sure to purchase your fishing license online at, recreational/licence-fee.

Fishing laws exist in NSW to preserve fish and aquatic species. When you purchase your fishing license you will also need to check the recreational fishing rules and regulations. Please check before fishing as there are heavy penalties for not complying with these laws.

The Lachlan River is responsible for much of the Heart of NSW landscape. To experience the history and beauty of this iconic inland river, visitors can admire the river at Condobolin or through any of the Travelling Stock Reserves (TSR’s).

Lake Cargelligo hosts an Annual Fisherama during October.


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