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GoFundMe for Lake Cargelligo and Tullibigeal Churches.

Two churches in our area, the Church of the Epiphany in Lake Cargelligo and St. George’s Church in Tullibigeal are in desperate need of replacing their electric Switchboards, as they have been deemed extremely unsafe and could cause some serious incidents such as fires if they are not replaced quickly. These switchboards are the original ones from when the buildings were built so are very much in need of fixing for everyone’s safety precaution. As these switchboards don’t have RCD which means that they aren’t power surge safe if anything were to happen. It also makes it very dangerous if something were to happen to anything at the moment that whoever the electrician was to come look at it could be in danger of potential fire hazard or even worse explode!

Since then one of the Church Committee members Katy Quinn has suggested to the committee if they would be happy for her to create a GoFundMe page on behalf of the Churches to help raise some money to go towards getting these new switchboards as they are extremely expensive. We need to stand behind our community and help one another. These two Churches are not only important for the Anglican Community in our town but also the Spiritual home and Shelter for many other people. We are in desperate need to ask for your support to get behind our Church as a community and help make this possible and allow us to make our church risk free. Our goal is $5500 in order to be able to pay for both switchboards in Tullibigeal and Lake Cargelligo. As the costs are quite high, for Lake it will cost $2000 plus GST and Tullibigeal $3000 plus GST. So, we are hoping this GoFundMe will be able to cover the whole amount.

So far, we are beyond grateful for those that have donated to this cause with already over $1600. This is a great deal as it would be devastating to lose these churches in our community due to not being able to fund for new switchboard in order to keep us alive. Father Paul is extremely grateful for the contribution and support that this community continuously shows towards one another and the Church. Once our church is gone it will be gone forever, and plays a vital role in our community. Thankyou to everyone who has already donated and stood behind us, we ask that you share this with everyone and continue to show your support by donating. You can do this by using the link below to the GoFundMe page or use this QR code which will take you directly to the link. Again we would like to show our sincere gratitude to those that have already helped donating to this cause. Direct donations can also be made to the Church. Please contact Father Paul if you wish to do so

Phil Hague and Co are also planning a Sheep drive for this purpose.

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