Paddling down the Lachlan River from Euabalong

When driving from Condobolin to Lake Cargelligo it would be easy to pass the tiny town of Euabalong without giving it a second’s thought, but then you would miss out on this excellent paddle down the Lachlan River.

If you are after serenity, bird singing and encounter with wildlife on the banks of the river, look no further. In Euabalong, it will be easy to embark on the peaceful river adventure.

Lachlan River on the Euabalong road turns right between post office and supermarket, and continues along sealed road about 15kms to the bridge over the Lachlan. Turn left down the track before crossing the bridge to a bend in the river about, a couple of hundred yards. Good fishing, a few snags.

T.S.R reserve on the Hillston road about 25 or 30kms is also a good fishing spot. Watch for the reserve on the right where the land is unfenced and goes back on the river.