Naradhan Railway

The construction of the Naradhan Railway line began in April 1926 and was officially opened on 11 February 1929 at a cost of $13,240 per mile.

The railway structures included a station building and platform, an iron goods shed, loading bank, stock yards, facilities for locos and their crew and a house for the Station Master.  The station and most of the platforms were demolished in November 1984 with only the water tower and turntable remaining.

Naradhan Silos

The Naradhan Silo was built in 1936 with a capacity of 2,700 tonnes with 1,063 tonnes being delivered in the first season. In 1966 a new 15,000 tonnes storage was built (known as the D150) and a larger shed was built in 1969 (known as the E270) with a capacity of 27,000 tonnes.  In 1984 a further two open dumps of 15,000 tonnes each were constructed and again in 1986 two more dumps were constructed with each holding 10,000 tonnes.

Naradhan Silos


Old remains of the Naradhan Railway Station