Farm life

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Lachlan is home to many traditional farming cultures and is one of the largest grain producing areas of NSW. It is a rich agricultural area and in addition to grain, is a significant producer of sheep, wool, beef and cotton. The agricultural sector accounts for nearly a third of economic activity.

While Lachlan Shire represents less than 0.01% of the total population of NSW which now exceeds 7 million, and 3.8% of the Central West, from a productivity perspective in the area of agriculture, Lachlan is a great contributor.

Lachlan Shire produces approximately 17% of the State’s wheat crop which covered more than 237,000 hectares. In 2011/2012 the oat crop generated 16.38% of the total agricultural income to NSW.

Farmers from Lachlan Shire were responsible for producing 36.48% of these oats. Lachlan is responsible for producing 14% of the State’s total broad acre crops such as oilseeds and safflower, by dollar value (ABS 2010/2011 Agricultural Commodities). Lachlan certainly is punching above its weight.

The Agricultural Research Station is located 10 km east of Condobolin
and is open by appointment on weekdays, (02) 6895 1025.
Lachlan has great potential for industry development. There is an
abundance of opportunities for prospective investors and coupled with
an ideal climate, the low cost of living and affordable housing, Lachlan
has much to offer. A small but very successful light-manufacturing sector
has emerged in both Condobolin and Lake Cargelligo. Council has also
established Industrial Estates in both towns in an attempt to promote
further growth.

Tourism is an emerging industry in Lachlan with the towns Condobolin, Lake Cargelligo and Tottenham all recognised as being RV friendly towns, catering for the growing caravan and camping visitor market to Lachlan. Coupled with unique bush attractions, Lachlan’s ability to deliver on tourism experiences is gaining momentum.

Mining has emerged as an important new focus with employment being
generated through the mines at Lake Cowal near Burcher and Mineral Hill near Condobolin. Prospecting is occurring across Lachlan and it is likely that mining activities will grow as a future source of employment and prosperity.

Lachlan Shire Council manages the largest road network of any local council in the state. It is responsible for maintaining a massive 4,460 kilometres of roads, with over 1,000km of these sealed. This strong focus on roads ensures visitors are well connected to explore Lachlan either on sealed or dirt roads.

Covering an area of 15,000 square kilometres and home to almost 7,200 residents, Lachlan sits amid major highways. The Newell Highway links Melbourne to Queensland through the central west. The Kidman Way, links the southern states to Queensland and the Northern Territory. The Mitchell Highway sits to the north and the Lachlan Valley Way connects Condobolin and Lake Cargelligo with Forbes to the east and Hillston to the west.