Scenic walk around the Lake

The scenic walkway and bicycle track along the lake’s foreshore is a relaxing way to take in views of the lake, signs giving the history of different locations around town have been erected and points of interest include ochre pits, gold stamping, the wool wash and the Wooyeo Woolshed.

* starting at the tourist information centre, join the Lake shore Walkway and walk through Liberty Park. This park was planned and planted after the First World War and a tree was planted for each local person who joined up. Recently it was decided to remove some trees that have suffered salt poisoning and new salt resistant trees will be planted here. Stop and read the Memorial and be impressed by how many local boys volunteered. 

* Walk past the Sail & Power Boat Clubhouse. On a summer weekend this area is just a mass of sailing boats and activity.

* You will notice on the right the football field. Both rugby and Australian Rules football have a strong following and competitions are hotly contested between teams from the surrounding towns.

*From Rotary Lookout you get a lovely view of the lake. You will also notice a very large rock that was brought from the Indian- Pacific Railway Line. Names of people who have been outstanding citizens are on plaques on this rock. You will notice the interesting patterns that look like they might be fossils of ferns. In fact water seeps into cracks in rocks as this and spreads out making really interesting designs. But they are NOT fossils.

* Optional Detour (just under 2km’s. If you are feeling energetic why not walk down the track to the edge of the lake where the willows are and where there is a nice picnic area. You will notice on your right-hand side a golf course. This is the Weona Golf Course and is privately owned. Notice the sand “greens”. Walk along the front of the house and you will come out at the road of Condobolin. Turn right and walk along the road, getting a good view of the Weona Golf Course as you do. From here also you can look left down over an area that has suffered badly from the salt degradation. A little further along if you look to the left you will see the show ground, and the golf course, you can see there the Local Golf Course, which has temporarily transferred to the showground while the course proper is regenerated after flooding from sewerage.

* If you have time to spare you might wander in and gave a look at Jake Skipworth’s furniture “Barn”. It is on the left-hand side of the road.

* At Narrandera Street turns right and walks along as far as Holt Street. End of detour.

* If you chose not to take the detour, turn right from Rotary Lookout and follow along Narrandera Street till you come to Holt Street.

* Before leaving Narrandera Street to turn down Holt Street, Look at the small memorial to pioneers on the Southern side of Narrandera Street. This is the site of the original town cemetery





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