Aboriginal Art and Culture

Learn about the Wiradjuri and Nyiyampaa people and about their culture

Wiradjuri people have lived in these areas out in the west for tens of thousands of years. Along with Ngiyampaa and Paakantyi who have been further out west. Many stories and great knowledge can be shared by these wonderful people.

After living off the land became harder, they would come to a place known as “Kirraawara”  “Carowra Tank”. This large water supply was from the Government installing the largest water reservoir in Western NSW where they allowed for rations to be distributed.

From here they were moved to Menindee after  the water supply at Carowra Tank failed. After numerous years of having man Aboriginal people pass away due to many illnesses the camp then moved to where it is now known as Murrin Bridge, located about 15km out from Lake Cargellgio.




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