Bird watching

Lake is attracting bird watching groups from around the world

Bird Watching draws “Twitchers” from far and wide. With part of the Lake now a Bird Sanctuary, with two accessible Bird Hides, and the close proximity to the Round Hill and Nombinne Nature Reserves. There are ample opportunities to catch a glimpse and snap a pic of a variety of rare and threatened species. Binoculars and Bird guides can be hired from The Lake Cargelligo Tourist Information Centre.

Lake Cargelligo is a popular birding hot spot with approximately 230 bird species recorded in the local area. The variation is due to our large wetland system as well as the large Mallee blocks at Round Hill and Nombinnie Nature Reserves. Around the lakes and river system expect to see Australian Pelican, Cormorants, Heron and Egret, if your in the right place at the right time you may see SpoonbillBrolga and White-bellied Sea Eagle. 

Don’t forget the Lake Cargelligo Wastewater Treatment Plant where a total of 199 birds have been recorded in the one spot– one of the best treatment works in Australia if you’re looking for a good variety of birds!  Other birds close to town include Major Mitchell Cockatoo, Crimson, Orange and White-fronted chat as well as White-winged and Variegated Fairy-wrens. Take a drive out to Round Hill Nature Reserves for your chance to see rare mallee birds such as the endangered Malleefowl and Red-lored Whistler.  There is so much to see you will be spoiled for choice!  

If you would like to have a look at some local bird photography and stay in touch with what is happening birdwise go to 


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