About Us

About Us

Lower Lachlan Community Services was established in 1992 and is a dynamic, community focused, non-profit organisation located in Lake Cargelligo in the centre of NSW. Our organisation is managed by a volunteer management committee with over 40 community minded people taking on committee roles during our years of service. The Committee has been made up of a mix of men and women who have ranged in age, this together with the variety of backgrounds and experience, has ensured and continues to ensure that the community as a whole has been represented in the decision making processes of the group over the years.

The organisation, originally named Lower Lachlan Advisory Group, was formed to establish a Rural Financial Counselling (RFC) Service in response to the severe drought prevailing at the time. The name was changed in 1999 to reflect the broader, community focus taken on by the group in response to funding opportunities and identified community need.

The RFC Service was successfully administered by LLCS until 2007, when the structure of the funding changed to be delivered by a larger regional group. LLCS continued until 2017 to have input through representatives on the administering Board.

In 1998, the group began branching out into other community focused projects and services in response to community need and the RFC program was extended to include the Rural Communities Program (RCP). This enabled LLCS to employ a part time Information Officer and the service was extremely successful over its three year life span.

In response to community requests, LLCS successfully negotiated to establish a Centrelink Agency in Lake Cargelligo and this service still operates today.

In 1999 the community became aware that internet access was going to be lost and funding was successfully applied for to establish a Point of Presence to retain local call access, along with the establishment of a Telecentre. The following year a Community Technology Centre was added which incorporated an internet café and provided business and secretarial services. The following years saw the housing of a Medicare Booth, Countrylink Rail Ticketing, now NSW Trainlink and provided the Lake News photography and in 2005 expanded to include the correspondent. All of these services continue to be provided by LLCS.

After the outstanding success of the RCP program the Regional Solutions Program (RSP) was implemented in 2001. This program was undertaken in partnership with Lachlan Shire Council who contributed financial support and a vehicle to the project, and saw the employment of the Lachlan Shire Information and Promotion Officer (IPO). This project set the foundations for ongoing tourism development in the region and when funding ceased in 2003, the IPO was then appointed as the Lachlan Shire Tourism and Promotion Officer, based in Condoboloin.

As part of the RSP funding for a Townlife Program was sourced by LLCS in 2002 and this resulted in the formation of the Lakes Alive! Group who have gone on to do many wonderful community and tourism related projects in Lake Cargelligo.

The establishment of the Rural Transaction Centre (RTC) in 2003 enabled LLCS to co-located the existing services, being run from two separate locations, into the one main street building. This assisted LLCS in reducing operating costs and also provided the community with a modern and conveniently located facility.

LLCS managed the Lachlan Shire Tourism Officer, based in Lake Cargelligo, from 2005 to 2008 which provided great benefit to our community and the Shire as a whole. The project was then returned to Condobolin under the administration of Lachlan Shire Council were it is still operating today.

In 2007, LLCS was approached by both the Lake Cargelligo Charity Spring Ball Committee and the Oliver Townsend Memorial Fund, asking if they could become sub-committees of LLCS. In doing so, they could address difficulties they were facing and reduce costs considerably by utilizing LLCS Public Liability Insurance, grant writing abilities, accounting/auditing procedure and its Authority to Fundraise. Without this, these groups were at risk of folding and the benefits they provided to our community would have been lost.

In addition, in 2008 LLCS was approached and agreed to take on the role of Photography Stewards a the Lake Cargelligo Show, with staff volunteering to run this important section of the pavilion.

A Bendigo Bank Agency was opened in October 2010 and has made a range of donations and sponsorships amounting to over $20,000.

LLCS took on the Secretariat role for the Lake Cargelligo/Murrin Bridge Interagency Group in 2010, with this organisation making some valuable headway into improved service provision for our community.

Toward the end of 2010 research started into providing further Childcare in the community, after establishing the need a grant was successfully sourced under LLCS who project managed the viability study and build of the extension to include a Long Day Care. The centre was successfully opened in April 2014 and is being fully utilised. An LLCS representative is continuing on the Child Care committee to ensure the future success of the project.

A wide range of events have been held over the past two decades. These have been many and varied and have included: Centenary of Federation Festival, Australia Day Celebrations since 2001, International Year or the Volunteer, Ladies Pamper Day, Ladies Day Out, Sydney Mail Choir, Northern Sydney Youth Orchestra, Orange Choir and the Lachlan Shire Community Welcome for the past four years.

The achievements of LLCS have been recognised at a State level with the group making it to the top ten of the NSW/ACT Regional Achievement and Community Awards in 2006, 2007 and 2009. LLCS was nominated again in 2013 and were successful in making it to the top 3 in the state.